Improve Your Outlook With Daylight Lights

Fall and winter are a beautiful time of year. Brightly colored leaves, fun in the snow, and cozy evenings at home and holidays to enjoy family. Unfortunately, along with this great time of year comes reduced access to natural daylight. The sun is out for fewer hours each day (which many of us miss completely since we are at work), and even during the middle of the day, the lower sun angle and higher chance of cloudy and dreary skies can really make an impact.

We are driven by the sun, and it strongly affects our mood, attitude, and our overall outlook on life. When the sun is a bit lacking, this can have serious impacts on our every day lives; our relationships, our work, and even our health can be negatively impacted by the reduction in sun.

Daylight lights mimic the natural spectrum of light that we receive from the sun, giving ourselves a boost when natural light is a little harder to come by. This helps us have better moods, a more positive attitude, and a happier fall and winter!


The Lightphoria's compact size lets you take it's therapeutic affects with you, while traveling, or even just back and forth from home and to the office. This nicely designed light is only 6 inches by 6.5 inches and one inch deep, making it easy to slip into your bag...
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Daylight Sky

This nicely designed Daylight Light works great as an office desk lamp, providing high quality light to your workspace, while providing daylight that will help improve your mood and productivity.
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Philips Daylight Energylight

The Philips Energylight provides natural light to offset the affects of seasonal disorder and helps to improve mood, energy, and productivity. This light produces 10,000-lux, full spectrum light...
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NatureBright Daylight Light

Improve your mood and overall outlook by getting more access to daylight. While sun is best, the NatureBright Daylight Light provides the broader spectrum of light that the sun give...
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Verilux HappyLight

The Verilux HappyLight mimics natural daylight, reproducing the same spectrum of light that is produced by the sun, and which gives us energy and the feeling of being awake and alert...
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